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The Paediatric Stoma Nurse Group (PSNG) is a collection of nurses spread all over the country. We currently have approximately 30 members made up of neonatal, paediatric and adult stoma nurses and neonatal and paediatric surgical nurses. All of us care for neonates or children with stomas on a day to day basis. 


Based in hospitals and in the community we are there to provide support for children and their families before, during and after formation of a stoma. Many of us continue to provide support for these children even when their stomas have been closed. Specialising in the management of continence.


Current Chair: Jenna Tarr and Alison Sharrard

Secretary: Nicola Ball 

Treasurer: Claire Bohr


We are happy to provide information and advice about caring for neonatal and paediatric patients. In order to contact us please use the link at the top of the page.

About PSNG

The Bristish Isles
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